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Dear Friends and Family,

Funtime Tours is now in our 13th year since taking over from Richard, Neta Ruth, Rick, & Laneta. As with Richard, we are still a family owned and operated tour operation dealing in special, unique, exciting, and worry-free vacations in a Christian environment.

God is richly blessing Funtime Tours as many of you have experienced on our tours. We start each day with our morning ritual of "This is the Day, that the Lord has made", "Oh what a beautiful morning" and prayer. What a way to start any day!

Our motto, of the P’s, hasn’t changed: "Proper Prior Planning, Plus Prayer, Produces Positive Programs Plus Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance".

Please accept our appreciation and sincere thanks for letting us serve you.  Sometimes in the rush of business life we fail to say "thank you" loud enough.  But you can be sure your patronage is never taken for granted.   Our goal is to take care of you in a safe, Christian environment.  To serve you is a blessing and a real privilege.

Our travel season this year promises to be filled with fun and excitement as we explore new places with old friends and some familiar old places with new friends. We have some New Tours this year for your enjoyment. We look forward to spending time with you and making many new and lasting memories. Perhaps you will join us for one of our 3 Mystery trips, or join us on our exciting trips to Branson to see Daniel O'Donnell, or any of the other great Branson shows. We’re going to experience many good times, so join us as we see the Clydesdales, Australia, Alabama Gulf Coast, Transatlantic Cruise, Virginia Outer Banks, Delta Queen Music Festival, Grandparents weekend in Branson to see JONAH, Alaska, Israel, Italy, oh my, too many to name.  Please look at the trips listed in the "month" section and call our office to add your name to the trip list.   Wherever your fancy takes you, locally here in the "Good Ole USA", on an exciting cruise, or somewhere else in the world, we hope you will come along and make everlasting memories with us!

Help us to improve our trips and create new vacation spots for you.  Send us your suggestions on where you would like to travel with Funtime Tours.

In His Service,

Terry & Sandy, and Cindy

Dave & Pam

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" Prov. 17: 22