NOTICE:   Our goal has always been to keep our tour prices as low as possible so more travelers can take advantage of our wonderful tours. In light of today’s economy, we will no longer be able to offer our cash prices to our credit / debit card users. We absorb 3% or more in fees for every credit / debit card we accept for payment on a tour. This amount has been increasingly harder to absorb and still keep our prices low. Therefore, Feb. 1, 2009, we regrettably had to impose a 3% fee to our cash prices for guests wanting to use their credit / debit card for payments for Funtime Tours. We sincerely hope this will not inconvenience anyone, and trust that you understand our situation.

This fee may not apply to some Cruise Tours, International tours, or our Trip Protection payments.

IMPORTANT:    If you would like to have your name removed from our mailing list, please let us know. If you are not presently on our mailing list and would like to be, please let us know and we will be happy to include you.

SEAT ROTATION:    We rotate seats once a day at the end of each day. This way everyone has an opportunity to view scenery from all locations on the motor coach and to meet someone new. Passengers who wish not to rotate may sit in the back of the coach. NO exceptions. A single price only represents one seat on the coach.

ON THE MOTORCOACH:    There is NO smoking on our tour buses. We DO have scheduled rest stops along the way, for a “little pause for a good cause”, and for a D & D (Drink and Drain).   Punctuality is extremely important when traveling with a group.  If you are late, then everyone is late.  Each person must be seated before the coach can proceed.  For your safety, we request that you always remain seated when the coach is in motion.  Please limit your cell phone usage to our stops.

MEALS:    On most tours some meals are provided, however; many tour members are on restricted diets and have different eating habits. We stop where you can get a good meal for a fair price. We do not feel you should have to pay the price for an included meal you might not really want. In the long run, you will save money.   B or CB – Breakfast (*),  L – Lunch,  D – Dinner.    (*) Breakfast may be a full or a continental breakfast.   Due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be neccessary to substitute meals on other different days of the itinerary.  Every effort will be made to provide you with the number and type of meals described.

GENERAL INFORMATION:    Information with regard to CLOTHING, INCLUSIONS, DEPARTURE TIMES, etc. are detailed in individual tour brochures and pre-tour information.

DEPOSITS:    $10.00 per person is due in our office in order to reserve a spot for you. Reservations are accepted when deposits are received in order of “Postmark Date”. Your cancelled check will be your confirmation for a seat being held for you on the trip you indicated. Some tours may require an additional deposit/payment which we will advise you of.

FINAL PAYMENT:    Motor coach tours is due 45 days prior to tour departure. Air & Cruise tours is due 75 – 90 days prior. Please see the specific tour brochures for exact dates.

METHOD OF PAYMENTS:     Funtime Tours accepts payment on motorcoach or fly tours, cruises, and international tours in the form of check, money order, e-payments, or by credit / debit cards.  We accept:  MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express cards.

FINAL TOUR INFO:    After you have made your reservation, you will receive an information / medical form to be returned to our office with your final payment. The form will be kept in case of a medical emergency. Two weeks prior to your tour departure, you will receive your final tour information, including the final tour itinerary, pick up locations, luggage tag, hotel names and phone contacts.

PICK UP LOCATIONS:    Funtime Tours will make every effort to pick you up as near your home town as possible. A list of locations will be available after all guests have made final payments and we can determine what locations are needed.

LUGGAGE:    We will arrange handling for 1 piece of luggage to be loaded/unloaded and taken to/from the hotel for you at each overnight stop, weight not to exceed 50 lbs. If you need an additional piece of luggage handled for you, we will make the necessary arrangements and the cost will be $3. per bag per hotel stay. You are also allowed one “carry-on” piece with you on the motor coach.  It must be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment above your seat.  This bag will be solely your responsibility.  Please make sure that your Funtime Tours name tag is on your checked piece of luggage only.

AIRLINES:    On our domestic fly tours, please be advised that most airlines are now charging for checking your baggage. A charge of $20 – $30 per piece of baggage is now being accessed. As of now, some International Airline flights are NOT charging for checked baggage.  PHOTO ID:   such as a drivers license is neccessary on all trips.  A Government issued ID is required to check in at the airport for all domestic flights.  Some International destinations will require a valid Passport with expiration dates three to six months beyond your intended return date.  Certain International tours require a visa.  You will be advised should any international tour require a visa.

REFUNDS:    We reserve the right to make alterations to the itinerary as may be deemed necessary. Due to the fact that entertainers sometimes cancel or change show times, we reserve the right to change any show at any time and make substitutions when we feel it is necessary without notice to tour member, especially in the Branson, MO area. If tour company cancels tour prior to departure, all money paid, will be refunded unless it is due to circumstances beyond our control, such as war, terrorism, weather, etc. In this case every effort would be made to get all pre-paid monies to vendors, airlines, etc. refunded to you. If tour member cancels 30 days or more before tour departure, all monies paid in will be refunded (**). If tour member cancels within 30 days of tour departure, all monies will be non-refundable. NO refunds can be made for portions of a tour missed after the tour is in progress. ( **) Some tours involving airlines, cruise lines and theater tickets will have different refund provisions. Please see specific tour brochures. For your protection and peace of mind, trip cancellation and medical protection is available for a modest cost and is highly recommended. All requests for Cancellations must be in writing and will become effective upon receipt in our office.  NOTE:  When a roommate(s) cancels prior to the cancellation penalty date, the remaining person(s) will be charged the applicable accommodation rate for the number of persons occupying the room.

TOUR PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE:    Gratuities to your Tour Director and Driver.  Gratuities are appreciated but should be extended on an individual basis for a job well done.  The amount per person is always at your discretion.  SUGGESTED:   $2.00 to $4.00 per person per day for your Tour Director and Driver.   On all cruises and international tours, you will be given guidelines for gratuities.  Gratuities for Step-on Tour Guides.  Meals not stated in your itinerary and expenses of a personal nature.  Any additional expenses incurred due to flight delays or cancellations, weather conditions, political closures, technical faults, etc..

RESPONSIBILITY:    Funtime Tours, Inc. acts solely in the capacity of agent for the bus companies, attractions, restaurants, etc.. We shall not be, or become liable or responsible in any way to any tour member in connection with a loss, damage, injury, accident, or an unavoidable delay at any time during a tour nor from negligent acts and/or omissions of these operators. In the event of a change in any arranged attraction or accommodation, a provision of equal or greater value will be provided. Our company will not be liable in the event of any irregularity during the tour due to an unexpected development. In the event of an accident, the bus company, restaurant, attraction, etc. carries insurance provisions.

NOTICE FOR ALL TRIPS OUT OF THE USA: For ALL tours outside of the USA (including Mexico and Canada) effective Jan. 8, 2009, each participant MUST have a valid Government issued Passport or Passcard proving your citizenship. NO EXCEPTIONS.

YOUR HEALTH:    Your health, physical and/or mental condition is important in order to participate on any tour.  Health concerns requiring any type of special attention or treatment must be reported when your reservation is made.  Funtime Tours will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers.  We are not responsible for any denial of services by any other independent supplier.  Funtime Tours cannot provide individual assistance to tour participants with special needs for walking, dining, or other routine activities.  We strongly suggest that persons requiring assistance be accompanied by a physically able companion who will assume responsibility for their well-being.   The Americans with Disabilities Act is not applicable outside the USA and facilities are very limited.  Stairs are mandatory in many areas of Europe and walking is frequently the mode of transportation.

Not responsible for errors or ommissions on this website. Call Funtime Tours office for tour quotes.

Funtime Tours reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.